SitusAMC – Realizing Opportunities in Real Estate

Highly involved industry expert clients. Acted as client lead, negotiating additional scopes and project proposals, coordinating with leadership, creative, strategy, and finance teams to build new business with one of our larger clients for the agency.

Website build through multiple iterations, creating a phased approach to address immediate needs, as well as long-term goals. Campaign work began with strategic deck for messaging, revised logo, and approach for website development.

Phase 2 included a build of the MVP website, integrating multiple career portals from a merger, creating templates for news releases and connecting landing pages. All done with multiple software pieces to orchestrate integration of massive amounts of data from acquisitions, provided technologies and services, spread out work force, becoming remote during Covid for internal and external teams.

  • Company Logo Redesign Using Elements of Two Merging Companies to Show the Seamless Integration
  • Strategic Deck for Recommendations of Various Branches of the Company
    • Residential Real Estate
    • Commercial Real Estate
    • PPP Solutions During Covid19 Outbreak
    • Talent Solutions for Top-Level Recruitment
    • Technology Offerings
    • Insights from Industry Experts
    • News & Careers
  • Full Website Build
    • Multiple Phases
    • MVP Version of the Website
    • Phased Approach for Larger Growth of Company Goals
    • Shifting Tactics During Coronavirus to Accomodate
    • Acquisition Integration including Career Portals, Technology and Service Login User Migration
    • News Release and Landing Page Responsive Builds with Design and Development Team
  • Video Motion Graphic Template Build
    • Allowed for Creation of Multiple Videos While Saving Client Money Due to Amount of Videos Required


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