North Range Behavioral Health – Men’s Mental Health Campaign

With statistics showing an increase in men’s mental health issues on the rise, and high suicide rates within the area, North Range Behavioral Health needed a campaign to increase outreach to the males of Northern Colorado. As a result, we created a series of digital ads to test and see what resonated with the area. Creating different message ideas allowed us to test how the ads resonated, how they performed with each size, and engagement levels.

Once we learned more, we were able to enhance the winning campaign and build more creativity around the winning theme. We used the tropes of what it means to be a man and used common phrases people think about when dealing with mental health issues.

The campaign built upon North Range Behavioral Health’s longstanding presence of helping increase accessibility to high-quality mental health care in the Northern Colorado area. And the specific campaign occurred during the month of June, Men’s Mental Health Month. Giving us an annual initiative to help those who historically haven’t been asking for help.


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